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  • Mr. Gaurav Soni

    A painless experience which was professional. Warm and pleasant staff ( great service). Clean and well maintained clinic. Gentleman doctor who is an institute of the domain

  • Ms. Akanksha Jamaiyar

    I have had high power since more than 25 yrs. My family eye Doctor suggested Banaji Eyecare considering my case of (-8/-9) power as Dr. Banaji is final authority in such cases. The surgery has been completely painless.  No pain  or uneasiness.

    The day after surgery has been magical.  I could see things with my naked eye that I have not seen in so many years,  No burden of wearing glasses at home or contact lenses outside. Life has changed drastically in terms of vision. I can now see the clock when I wake up, lying on my pillow without having to see my mobile or pick my glasses from the bedside table. Very happy with the results and a big Thank You to Dr. Banaji and team.  Surely I will recommend to my family and friends.  THANK YOU AGAIN. 

  • Mr. Rohan Dhoot

     Dr. Banaji has  been my Dr. since I was a kid (4 years old) and I have had no complaints ever.  The surgery was completely painless as promised and super quick. When I woke up the following morning I could no longer experience the blurred vision. Lasik has made things more convenient now that I do not require any glasses. I no longer have to clean my frames for the smallest of things.However, it will take time to adjust without glasses. I am happy with the results and would definitely recommend it to my friends. Thank you so much.

  • Ms. Suchita Jha

    I think Banaji Eyecare is the best eye care for lasik. I was very comfortable during the surgery. I was very happy after lasik. Waking up early in the morning without glasses is a Boon for me. Honestly Lasik has changed my life, no more of dependence on glasses which I had before surgery . I am very happy
    I would definitely recommend it all my friends and to who so over is reading this.

  • Mr. Eduard Hock

    It was an amazing feeling already the next day after surgery - no specs for distance anymore - feels like a different life. Thank you Dr. Banaji.

  • Ms. Suruchi Gupta

    The entire experience was very smooth and without any hassles. I did not feel any pain or discomfort throughout . My vision was absolutely clear and sharp right from the very next day. I am happy with the procedure and would recommend Dr. Banaji to anyone opting for LASIK..

  • Ms. Ketaki Desai

    I was recommended Banaji Eyecare by a close friend who also got her Lasik surgery done here. She told me that her experience was fabulous and that she had a smooth surgery. Sure enough, I too can confidently state that my surgery was way better than expected, absolutely painless and the results after were even better. One thing I really appreciate was that before and during the surgery I was kept well informed . The videos explained the procedure very well and Dr. Banaji calmed me during the procedure. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly and easily the operation was completed .Even the staff was very helpful. I had always imagined what life after Lasik will be like and I must say that it is way better than I imagined it to be ! Thank you Dr. Banaji and  everyone at Banaji Eyecare

  • Ms. Janhau Kamani

    I chose Banaji Eyecare as Dr. Banaji is considered on the best doctors all my previous visit to him have  been reassuring and he addressed all my issues. He came highly recommended  from everyone I knew that had come to him. For LASIK I was very comfortable during surgery and was very well taken care of before and after.  I have already recommended Banaji Eyecare to all my friends considering LASIK !

  • Ms. Nadezhda Alemao

    Dr. Banaji is a renowned Ophthalmic surgeon. I was extremely comfortable during the surgery. Even though I was anxious, the staff at Banaji Eye Care clinic were extremely helpful. On the first morning after LASIK, I couldn't believe how excellent the results of surgery were. I could see clearly like the way I could see decades ago. It took me some time to digest the fact that I would  see clearly again. I used to get terrible headaches and dry eyes due to contact lenses previously . LASIK has immensely helped me become more confident and free from spectacle and contact lens hassle. I am more than happy with the results.

  • Mr. Akshit Kothari

    The experience of Lasik was great. The guidance and the knowledge about the surgery provided by the staff and doctors was great. There is a good improvement in the vision.



  • Ms. Aditi Agarwal

    I am thankful to Dr.Banaji or I can say it is my pleasure that Dr.Banaji operated me. I was having delay in my Lasik surgery as we were not able to find the best doctor in India. My uncle suggested me of Dr.Banaji and I got my Lasik surgery done by Dr.Banaji.  The things have changed a lot for me and I would suggest everyone who is in need of this surgery.  I am basically from Gondia near Nagpur so I will try to have a session of Dr.Banaji at my place so that people can have knowledge about and choose the best.  I am proud that I was being operated by such a Doctor who is also a very good human being first.


  • Mr. Deepak Yadav

    My father had the same Lasik surgery in 2004 from Dr. Banaji and the surgery really improved his eyesight, so this prompted me to choose Banaji Eyecare. There was no pain at all during the surgery as well as after it. Lasik surgery has really changed my personal life. Now I don't need to wear any specks at all which is the best advantage that I have got from lasik surgery. I specially want to thank Dr. Banaji as well as the staffs who have helped me in various things. And am really happy with the results of lasik surgery and once again I would thank Dr. Banaji for giving a new life to my eyes. I would recommend to my friends who are bored /tired of wearing spectacles to do the Lasik surgery with Dr. Banaji. 

  • Mr. Nirbhay Mehta

    Lasik at Banaji Eyecare has been a very good experience overall. Excellent, well trained staff, who made me feel confident and comfortable before, during and after the procedure.I would recommend it to anyone interested.

  • Ms. Astha Agrawal

    Dr. Banaji is awesome ! My vision feels HD now ! The staff and doctors were very helpful all along the process. Thank you !

  • Ms. Tristy Viraf Siganporia

    All my cousins have done their Lasik at Banaji Eyecare, hence I chose to do the same. I was very comfortable during the surgery. My first reaction after surgery was improved vision without spec/lens. Felt great . Lasik has given me 24/7 clear vision without depending on lens/specs. Extremely happy with the results. Obviously ! I would recommend to my friends.

  • Mr. Mitul Karaniya

    Banaji Eye Care staff had a friendly environment which made the Lasik Surgery smooth for me 

  • Ms. Avantika Goenka

    I did not even think twice before choosing Dr.Banaji as my Lasik eye surgeon and I do not regret my decision at all. The entire process was quick and pain free and I am enjoying my new vision. All thanks to Dr.Banaji.


  • Ms. Nisha Shivnani

    My family told me that Dr. Banaji is the best here. Some of my cousins have done Lasik surgery from Dr.Banaji and they recommended me. I was scared during surgery at first, but looking at the Dr’s confidence my fear was vanished. I think it’s a miracle to wake up without a number, the next morning. I am glad I don’t have to wear spectacles or lenses. I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.


  • Mr. Vaibhav Chawla

    Our dentist friend Dr. Asher’s sister had a cataract who was well treated by respected Dr.Banaji. His recommendation helped a great deal. Was very much comfortable during the surgery . There was a remarkable difference the next day after Lasik. Things appeared way better than what I use to see with my high power spectacles. Lasik has made my life comfortable and vision at its best. I feel much more confident as there no dependence on specs.

    I am happy with the results. Certainly I would recommend it to my friends. I have already started telling my colleagues and friends about the proficiency of Dr.Banaji and the immediate benefits of LASIK.

  • Mr. Rohan Thakur

    Banaji  Eye care came highly recommended and proved to be a great choice for the Lasik Surgery.  The entire operation was very comfortable and all questions were answered.  I am very happy.


  • Ms. Avni S. Chinoy

    I was on the fence about Lasik for about one and half years and I am glad that I decided to go ahead with Dr. Banaji.  From the first consultation to the surgery, he has been gentle and considerate.  The process is explained several times, so that during the surgery, you are completely at ease.  The post- operative care is great, with the kit and glasses that are not embarrassing to wear in public.  My vision is finally mine, and not dependent on glasses or contact lenses and it feels like a brand new for me.  Thank you, Dr. Banaji.


  • Ms. Shiksha Bhatia

    The experience has been amazing. Definitely life changing – it has made my daily routine so much simpler. There has been no I would definitely recommend it to all those candidates who are eligible to go ahead with the operation as it is practical, easy and worthwhile every penny.


  • Mr. Devnsh Mehta

    One of my friends suggested that I go to Banaji Eyecare for my surgery. In the beginning, I was definitely nervous but eventually it got better. The next morning, I felt so light and I could see everything right through my window so vividly. I am no more dependent on my glasses. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.



  • Ms. Priya Vora

    Thank you for freeing me from depending on glasses/lenses which I was using for all my life. My vision is better than it has ever been with or without glasses. You have managed to do something which no other Dr. could.

  • Mr. Vibhav Chokhani

    I have been visiting Dr. Banaji for years, so there was no questions about considering anyone else for my Lasik surgery. I was surprisingly comfortable throughout the surgery and recovery period.   Just getting used to not reaching out for my glassed first thing in the morning has been a delightful experience. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend it to anyone who finds glasses and contact lenses to be inconvenient and cumbersome.

  • Ms. Amanda Wheeler

    Banaji Eyecare was recommended to me by a friend who had Lasik around 20 years ago. Was very comfortable during surgery. It was over very quickly ! Eyes felt great after surgery almost as though I never had surgery ! It felt wonderful to be able to see objects at a distance so clearly without glasses for the first time in around 40 years. Very happy with the results and would definitely recommend it to friends.

  • Mr. Sharan Mirchandani

    I was amazed to meet such an inspirational doctor, Dr. Banaji. My mother had Lasik done by him and was extremely happy with the results. I am studying in final year MBBS and for me, Dr. Banaji is a role mode, the kind of  doctor I will aim to be. The surgery was painless and post operatively there was zero discomfort. Honestly, its amazing to see clearly with the smudges and scratches of spectacles, after so many years. Thank you Dr. Banaji for being so polite and encouraging throughout. He said " This is the greatest gift your mother could have given you." So thank you for the gift of perfect vision. I would recommend him very highly to friends and family. I have never had such a great medical experience

  • Ms. Anjali Taparia

    Dr. Banaji is the best in the field and we were very comfortable with him, therefore came to Banaji Eyecare. Was very comfortable during surgery and happy with the results. I would recommend it to my friends. It is a huge freedom to get rid of lenses and specs. It definitely changed my life drastically for the better.

  • Mr. Shreeram Sethuruman

    I am very pleased with the outcome of the surgery and the general process followed.The staff was very pleasant and courteous. The surgery itself was quick, efficient and painless. You cannot get a better doctor than Burjor to trust your eyes with. I am finally spectacle free after 20 years. Should have done this many years back. Highly recommended. Trust Dr. Banaji blindly!!

  • Ms. Aditi Shah

    Knowing Banaji is the Best, I came here for my Lasik. I have been very happy with the eyesight. No problems post operation.  I would surely recommend my relatives and friends to go ahead with it.

  • Ms. Gunjan Bohra

    Banaji Eyecare was suggested by one of my friends who also got Lasik done. Surgery went off well and was a pleasurable experience. My reaction was that I was looking for glasses  until I realised I had perfect vision without them. Still getting used to life without glasses . I am totally satisfied with Banaji Eyecare and would absolutely recommend it to my near and dear one. The service and staff were excellent, totally appreciate it. Thanks a ton !

  • Ms. Shika Bhatia

    My mother prompted me to do the Lasik surgery even though I was petrified. It is the most amazing thing I've done, I'm so glad I got to do this . I am extremely happy with the results and would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.
  • Mr. Sarosh S. Sidhva

     Staff were outstanding ! Very caring, very helpful. The Pre, During and Post Procedure was very comfortable. I find it brilliant to see the kind of  details I now do with no glasses or  lenses on. I am very happy with the results. Would definitely recommend this to my friends (And I already have).

  • Ms. Nisha Doshi

    I've got my natural eyes back!
    It feels amazing to get rid of glasses ad lenses ! I am certainly happy with the results
    THANK YOU . I  would surely recommend this surgery to my friends.

  • Ms. Pooja Mulchandani

    I have been debating Lasik for the last ten years now, and after lots of convincing from my friends and family I finally took the plunge. The thought of being able to see again was just pure bliss. I was blind and now can see amazing. Dr Banaji was superb, his technique, his service (pre and post care) . This has changed my life and I would 100% recommend Lasik at Banaji's to anyone suffering from poor eyesight.

  • Mr. Abhishek Bhatia

    I was prompted to choose this practice because of a mix of reputation and innovation within its treatment options.
    Extremely comfortable surgery. Dr. Banaji  and his team walked me through every step and comfort was definitely a priority.
    The next morning, vision was brilliant and every subsequent morning for the next three days saw improvement till I was back to 20/20.
    I don't need to carry around my glassed when lenses  dry my eyes after a long  day. Makes long work hours more tolerable. Plus its nice not to have a field of vision restricted by a little plastic frame.  Very Happy !

  • Ms. Tehezeeb Moitra

    I have nothing but good things to say about Banaji Eyecare, where the whole experience from start t finish was everything a `medical experience' should be-highly efficient, professional, hygienic and work extremely well done.
    Dr. Banaji, as captain of the ship, is perhaps one of the finest doctors I have had the pleasure of meeting and I could not recommend him more.
    I am extremely satisfied with the result and will recommend him to anyone considering LASIK.

  • Mr. Abhishek Mishra

    It has been an amazing experience overall. Though it was an eye surgery, I wasn't scared at all only because I had extreme confidence in the expertise and the reputation of Dr. Banaji. I must compliment the entire team at the clinic, which was so helpful and caring during my entire experience, incl. over phone. The caring words and easy going attitude of Dr. Banaji himself made it easy for me. I cannot thank you enough for bringing this huge freedom in my life.

  • Ms. Ruchi Shah

    I find everyone at Banaji Eyecare to be very professional and polite. I am very happy with my surgery.I was very comfortable with the doctor and his staff during the process. When I woke up after Lasik I was elated to find that I did not need glasses anymore.There was no pain or irritation . I felt like it was just another day but with better vision

  • Mr. Sameer Kulkarni

    Its Dr. Banaji or specs ! you choose. I chose him. He is the BEST ! 8 minutes and I could see the world as a new born baby would. Cant thank Dr Banaji enough ! I would recommend it to the entire world.  THANK YOU  Dr. Banaji

  • Ms. Leah Jasubhoy

    I am so glad I decided to have the Lasik procedure - I could not  be happier with the whole experience and my vision. The staff were so helpful and kind. Dr. Banaji talked me through the whole procedure and gave me a lot of confidence. I did not feel a thing during the procedure. He was wonderful. One week later my vision was perfect and I would strongly recommend having it done .

  • Ms. Parveen Imadin Patwegar

    Firstly, I highly appreciate your warm service to your patients. I was suggested Banaji Eyecare by my optician and I am much fortunate to choose it for my Lasik surgery. I had a problem in locating things which were far sighted but now I can enjoy the beautiful nature without the use of glasses. It was an amazing experience the very next day I started feeling much better. I am happy to have my glasses off and I would surely recommend it to my friends and family.

  • Mr. Abhay Maheshwari

    I am thankful to Dr. Banaji and his staff for this wonderful gift of clear eyesight without specs. The staff has been very helpful and there is an unmatchable level of professionalism in Dr. Banaji's clinic from top to bottom. However, a high degree of personalization is also maintained and on demand  availability and guidance really helps.

  • Ms Simone Dinshaw

    I was initially apprehensive about Lasik surgery but my friends and relatives who have had the procedure at Banaji Eyecare persuaded me tor the initial consultation and I am so happy they did . Dr. Banaji assigned my fears I had and was really wonderful during the surgery. The first day after my surgery I walked around taking in all the small details with a sharpness I didn't have even with my contact lenses. I have already planned my diving trip. All in all, am extremely happy that I opted for this surgery and with the results

  • Ms. Arpan Mahtani

    We have been coming to Banaji for years, he is the best and I would not be comfortable doing LASIK with any other doctor. The surgery was quick painless and everyone makes you feel very comfortable ! It was great to be able to see the next morning without having to use any glasses or lenses. I am glad I did LASIK, definitely something to recommend to everyone. 

  • Ms. Sneha Chhabria

    I was very comfortable during my LASIK surgery. It has been an amazing experience not bothered about wearing contacts or glasses (specially getting up first thing in the morning). I am absolutely happy with my surgery, didn't know why I did not do it earlier . I would definitely recommend it to others specially the younger generation so that they can enjoy life with great vision.  THANK YOU DR. BANAJI.

  • Ms. Amaaya Raheja

    I am very happy with the procedure. I was made to feel comfortable throughout the process. 

  • Ms. Sneha Hotchandani

    Had a really great experience, Dr. BANAJI is really the best. He made me feel very comfortable and all the staff and support staff were really great and very helpful. They not made me feel comfortable but also my family, especially my mother. They cleared all our queries and issues no matter how silly they were. I was recommended Dr. Banaji by a cousin and would definitely  recommend to others as well. Doing LASIK has definitely made me a more confident person and I would like to thank everyone in BANAJI EYECARE.

  • Ms. Shweta Shiware

    I was recommended by a very close friend, also a Parsi and there was no hesitation from  the  first checking to the final surgery and recovery time. The process was rather smooth. I have never felt so in control of my decision to do it and take the step . Thank you, Dr. Banaji for impermeable humor, infectious smile that made me feel right at ease from the word Go. I'm going to enjoy 20/20 vision for the rest of my 50 years, all thanks to Dr. Banaji and even to his helpful staff.

  • Ms. Ayushi Gupta

    I decided to undergo the Lasik surgery to avoid wearing contact lenses and spectacles. I was extremely comfortable and calm as I felt well informed about the procedure. I am very happy with the results.

  • Ms. Pritika Chug

    I thank Dr. Banaji and his team. They did a great job !

  • Mr. Anish Jain

    It is a life changing experience. It is a must do for every person who have vision issue. The staff is very co-operative and  the place is immensely comfortable and hygienic.

  • Mr. Anuj Rathi

    I was recommended by a friend . The set up at this clinic is outstanding, very clean, the staff knows what they are doing and you get a lot of confidence going into the surgery that everyone knows what they are doing. First day/morning I reached out  (as usual) for my glasses - amazing to see without them. I think one of the biggest impact has been to see right after waking up, to wear sunglasses and to walk on the treadmill without having to wipe the sweat of my glasses. I am very happy with the results. I have already recommended Dr. Banaji to everyone I meet .

  • Mr. Bhuvanyu Singh

    Dr. Banaji was recommended by a friend  and he turned out to be amazing. Doctor was very helpful and calm while explaining and during the procedure . The first morning was the most divine feeling all courtesy Dr. Banaji.  LASIK has changed my life and i wish everyone could get it . I see colours and life much better then ever. I wore spectacles for 22 out of 27 years of my life. I feel I wasted my life before this. Thank You Dr. Banaji . You are the best.

  • Ms. Dhun Dordi

    Dr. Banaji and his staff made me feel very comfortable before, during and after the surgery. It was an amazing feeling to be able to see without my glasses or lenses. I am very happy with the results and would definately recommend Dr. Banaji to all my friends. Dr. Banaji is very professional but has a good sense of humour  which makes the patient feel very comfortable and at ease.

  • Mr. Venkatesh Seshan

    I am very happy with the results after LASIK.  Dr. Banaji and his supporting staffs have done a great job in helping me to overcome my eyesight problem. Thank you so much for your help and support. I would whole heatedly recommend people and friends to visit Banaji Eyecare for consultation and next step.

  • Mr Umang Shah

    I would like to start by saying a BIG THANK YOU  to Dr. Banaji and his wonderful staff at the clinic. The surgery was very comfortable and one having a very high power in both eyes did not matter. I could read the newspaper without my glasses. I am very happy with the way I am able to see and would definitely recommend it  to my family and friends

  • Mrs Neerja Khatau

    My husband is a client of Dr. Banaji. I was extremely comfortable during the surgery. My vision was very clear and after 30 years of specs it felt amazing . I am super happy I can see and have already recommended it to a lot of people. Your eyes are so important and it's a miracle to be able to see clearly.

  • Ms. Sneha Bairagra

    It feels awesome to get clear vision and not being dependent on specks or contact lenses. It was really painful to wear contact lenses even though I use to wear it occasionally. Dr. Banaji gives immense confidence during the procedure.

  • Mr. Rishab Sethi

    I was referred to  Banaji Eyecare by a cousin of mine. I am very grateful to my cousin and to Dr. Banaji for making me feel comfortable throughout the whole procedure. The surgery was quick and painless and so was the recovery. The whole staff at Banaji Eyecare were very courteous and professional. I would recommend Dr. Banaji to all my friends and family.

  • Ms. Vaishali Mehta

    Great Experience ! Before coming I was skeptical about this surgery but it has surpassed my expectations ! The staff was extremely soft and well spoken and helpful throughout. Overall I am extremely happy and content post-surgery and have already recommended Dr. Banaji to my friends

  • Mr. David Lowry

    Dr. Banaji is a great doctor. The experience was very comfortable. Feels liberating not wearing glasses  Sometimes still try to push the glasses up on my nose. I am very happy with the results and service. THANK YOU DR BANAJI..

  • Mr. Vishwaraj Doshi

    I chose Banaji Eyecare because of very high reviews from others. The operation was very smoothly and professionally conducted and the result has hence been very good. I would definitely recommend Banaji Eyecare to others who want to undergo LASIK.

  • Ms. Nikhila Walawalkar

    My parents always insist on " THE BEST " especially with respect to healthcare and hence BANAJI EYECARE . I was made comfortable during the surgery. On the next morning after surgery it felt like a miracle . I was immensely happy that I was not dependent on visual aids   In my personal life I feel good from within and confident. I have already recommended Dr. Banaji to my friends !!!

  • Mr. Hrushabh Patel

    I was very comfortable during and after surgery.  It feels great to wake up and not look for the glasses, the first thing in the morning.  I would recommend it to my friends.

  • Mr. Prateek Bhagchardka

    I chose Banaji for lasik based on the numerous recommendations from friends and family. Everything was handled extremely professionally and I would recommend your clinic to my friends infact I already have.
    Only the day of surgery was a little uncomfortable in terms of having sensations and heavy eyes. From day two, everything has been a breeze.
    My vision is now better than 20:20 apparently.
    Thank you for the superior service, much appreciated. 

  • Mr. Arman Lamba

    My experience with Dr. Banaji and all of his staff has been exemplary from start to finish. I chose Dr. Banaji upon the recommendation of family and friends. I am extremely happy with the results of the surgery. From  the minute the surgery was complete my vision has been perfect. I would highly recommend Dr. Banaji to anyone who is considering LASIK. Both clinics Peddar road and Fort are impeccably of high standards.

  • Mr. Siddharth Bhargava

    Excellent Experience ! Can`t believe, I waited so long to get the procedure done . If I were to recommend Lasik to anyone it wouldn't be anyone but Dr. Banaji. Thanks to LASIK I don't need to ask my wife what the temperature on the A/c  display reads in the the middle of the night

  • Ms. Pooja Khialani

    The Staff and Doctor made me feel very comfortable and safe pre, during and post surgery.  First morning was like seeing with brand eyes, everything was in high-def.  Yes I would recommend undergoing Lasik to my friends.

  • Mr. Vishal Bijlani

    Dr. Banaji is very calm and makes you comfortable during the surgery.  My entire family has done the Lasik from him and I was the last one.  I am happy that I do not require prescribed sunglasses.  I would definitely recommend to my friends.

  • Mr. Zubin Narielwala

    For Someone with a number of -8 and -10, this is a miraculous procedure...

  • Ms. Shivangani Tandon

    I was recommended Banaji by my extended family who have also had LASIK done here. I had been considering it for a long time. Surgery was very comfortable by the end of it. I could see better than in my contact lenses. Every night before sleeping I have to remind myself to not take out my lenses.

  • Mrs Bhavana Roy

    I am absolutely thrilled with my surgery. Dr. Banaji is a friend of my husband who recommended him big time! The world appears clear and bright . Life without spectacles is so not cumbersome! I was totally comfortable during the surgery. What helped was the way Dr. Banaji walked me through the procedure - informing me in real time about what to expect in terms of sight sound and feel. This was thoughtful and I allayed nervousness.

  • Ms. Ravisha Kedia

    Our friends and relatives suggested consulting Dr. Banaji for LASIK. The entire process was done comfortably and I am pleased with the results. 

    I would definitely recommend it to all my friends and family as I am very confident about it now, after experiencing it myself. 

  • Mr. Anshul Bhimjiani

    I've had glasses for 20 years and worn lenses for the past 10 to 15 years. My power was high and I wore lenses for 12 hours a day regularly . The eye infections prompted me to get LASIK surgery done, something I had been contemplating for the past 2 to 3 years . I heard Banaji Eyecare was the best, and the choice was obvious . The surgery was smooth and quick. I had no problem and the recovery was quick. I couldn't have been happier. Thanks.

  • Mr. Aman Kripalani

    I came to Dr. Banaji because every person in my family who has done LASIK did it through him, and all of them had nothing but praise for both, him and the procedure. I am happy to say my expectations were met and exceeded and I am now able to see perfectly without glasses or lenses for the first time since I was 5. I will recommend the procedure and clinic to anyone considering the surgery.

  • Ms. Hitakshi Mehra

    My aunt and friends had their surgeries done from Dr. Banaji and since he was the best I did not even have a second option. I was very comfortable during the surgery. The doctor guided well on what to expect and there were no surprises. The next morning, my vision was much better and I could finally see my teeth while brushing. I am happy with the surgery.

  • Ms. Aanchal Rohira

    I chose Banaji Eyecare for Dr. Banaji being the best in the field. I was very comfortable during the surgery and did not realize when it started and ended. Now I can swim finally. Now I do not have to spend my precious time over glasses and lenses anymore. I am extremely happy with the results. There are three more family members lined up for LASIK surgery.

  • Ms. Jeanine Irani

    My entire family has been coming to Dr. Banaji for their eye care. After a very successful LASIK surgery of my brother by Dr. Banaji, I decided to undergo the surgery as we are very comfortable with him. The surgery did not pain and I could see much better as soon as it was done. My dependence on specs and contact lenses is entirely over and I feel a freedom which I have never felt before. I am fully satisfied and glad that I took the decision to have LASIK done and would certainly recommend it to others.

  • Ms. Ritika Arenja

    Mine has been the fourth LASIK Surgery in the family done by Dr. Burjor Banaji Everything went off smoothly and I have perfect vision now. Watery eyes and my headaches due to the number have completely gone. No more asking my husband to read things for me while watching T.V., movies etc. I am enjoying a complete vision without having to think of glasses and lenses.

  • Ms Shruti Shrivastava

    My friend had LASIK done here seven years back. The surgery was really comfortable. I was explained the entire procedure before the procedure started. There was no hint of pain during the surgery . As soon as I was out of the OT, I could see much better. Outside my hospital room, there was BSE building on the top of which BSE was written. I couldn't see it before the surgery. As soon as I was out of the OT to my astonishment I could actually see it. I did not know it would improve my vision instantly. It has changed my life in many respects.

  • Mr. Abhirup Khetrapal

    Family doctor suggested the eye clinic. The surgery was very comfortable . The morning after the LASIK was as normal as possible with the difference that I could see everything in focus as soon as I opened my eyes, something I was not used to, thanks to my myopia. LASIK has drastically changed my life.I simply don`t need glasses anymore and there is no need to carry specs everywhere I go. It feels like getting your eyes again. Very satisfied with the surgery.

  • Mr. Vedant Birla

    I heard good reviews about Banaji Eyecare from peers and family. The surgery was comfortable. LASIK has done wonders to my eyesight . I am very happy with the results and have already recommended it to my friends.

  • Mr. Daksh Mahimtura

    The surgery was surprisingly quick and painless and I am very happy with the results.

  • Ms Neha Gandhi

    Dr. Banaji was amazing . The surgery has improved my vision very much such that I was restricting things that I could never perceive even with my contacts/glasses. I am truly grateful to Dr. Banaji and would definitely recommend it to my friends



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There are many misconceptions regarding our eyes. These eye myths, however, may have more serious consequences, find out if you can separate the facts from myth.


Find out if you should be concerned about small specs and clouds that sometime move into your field of vision.


Headaches are probably the most common ailment we humans suffer from. Eye strain or need for glasses is not the major cause of headaches.

Dr. Burjor Banaji

Dr. Burjor Banaji is the third generation in a line of distinguished ophthalmic surgeons that began nearly a hundred years ago with his grandfather Dr. Burjor P. Banaji (Senior).

Dr. Burjor Banaji
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  • Dr. Burjor Banaji


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