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With over 100 years of experience in caring for eyes, Banaji Eyecare is recognized as an India’s leading eye care facility. For over 100 years, Banaji Eyecare has had a clinic in the heritage structure of the Navsari Buildings, in the heart of the city of Mumbai. Now, we have another state-of-the-art clinic at Peddar Road, Mumbai. Both the clinics boast of the very latest instrumentation in the delivery of outstanding eye care.

As pioneers of LASIK Surgery in the country, we’ve consistently set the standard for laser vision correction surgery in the country. From routine eye examinations, to LASIK surgery, we cover all aspects of specialized anterior segment eye care and surgery.


latest technology

  • Femto LDV
    FEMTO LDV™ Z Models

    Femto LDV systems are the technology leaders among all femtosecond lasers. FEMTO LDV systems are radically different from other femtosecond lasers in the markets. While other femtosecond lasers use basic technology, Zeimer FEMTO LDV systems have the lowest pulse energy, highest pulse repetition rate and the shortest pulse rate.

  • Pentacam
    Oculus Pentacam Scheimpflug Corneal Topography

    The Oculus Pentacam is the first 3D Scheimpflug camera in the world. It captures the Scheimpflug images of the anterior eye segment through a rotating measurement, which is able to supply pictures in three dimensions.

  • Alcon Phacomulcification
    Alcon Phacoemulsification Vision System

    Alcon Phacoemulsification System, is a phacoemulsification platform with supreme fluidics for removing cataract. This system is fully customizable and provides three options for removing cataract, these are: ultrasonic phacoemulsification, ultrasound with oscillation, and liquefaction.

  • IOL Master
    IOLMaster® 500

    With the IOLMaster 500, the newest biometer, calculating eye measurements for optimal lens selection for cataract surgery procedures, is effortless. The IOLMaster 500 has dual measurement capabilities, composite signal filtering and user-interface advancements.

  • SL 130 Slit Lamp
    Carl Zeiss SL 130 Slit Lamp

    World over, eye care professionals use the Carl Zeiss SL 130 (SL 130) a slit lamp with premium optical quality and high-precision mechanics to perform complete range of eye care procedures.

  • OPMI Lumera i
    Humphrey® Matrix

    The Humphrey Matrix is a visual field instrument that acts in a single perimeter for case detection and fast threshold testing. It combines the capability to detect glaucoma early and accurately with tools for long-term management, providing the best way to treat glaucoma patients.

  • Spectralis MultiColor
    SPECTRALIS® MultiColor™

    SPECTRALIS MultiColor is used extensively by Banaji Eyecare in the diagnosis of retinal disease, in corneal pathology and the detection and follow up of glaucoma. SPECTRALIS MultiColor, by Heidelberg Engineering, is an innovative laser imaging technology.

  • Exicemer Laser
    Carl Zeiss Excimer Laser

    Carl Zeiss Excimer Laser possesses all the modern features, so that laser energy delivery is consistent and accurately delivered. It is the only laser available that provides fully programmable customized treatment options.

  • WASCA Aberrometer
    The WASCA Aberrometer and the CRS Master Analysis system

    This laser is the only laser linked to aberrometer-wavefront sensor, with sufficient resolution to accurately measure eyes that have large amounts of irregular wavefront error. Put in numbers, the WASCA aberrometer has 800 spots resolution.


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